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Single tap to select node.
Long press to select a node and move it around.

Red/Blue/Orange rectangles:
Change the rate of the red/blue/orange chains in relation to the main chain.

Tempo slider:
Change the tempo.

Playthrough switch:
The currently selected node will finish playing the whole sample even if the chain has moved on to the next node.

Loop switch:
The currently selected node will loop when it is done playing. If the playthrough switch is on it will go on forever.

Quadrant Buttons:
Add an effect to the currently selected node.

Volume Slider:
Adjust the volume of the selected node.

Note Slider:
Adjust the pitch of the selected node.

Arrow Slider:
Adjust the playback rate of the selected node.

Trash can:
Long press to clear everything

Red X:
Long press to delete currently selected node.

Selection View:
Sample cell: 
Single tap to select.
Long press to select a sample and load it into the editor.

Check mark:
Save changes made to sample in editor and select for the main screen. 

Save button:
Save any changes to the database. 

Ignore unsaved changes and go back to the main screen.

Play Button:
Play sample recorded in edit view

Record button:
Allows the user to record a new sample.

Adjust the input and output of selected sample.

Colored squares:
Assign a selected sample to a certain chain.

Loop switch:
Selected sample will loop on playback.

mic/iaa switch:
Toggles between inter-app audio and the microphone input. Press the “+” to select an IAA compatible app.

Text box:
Change the name of a selected sample. The name is different from the filename so don’t worry about overwriting your other sounds!

Red X:
Long press to delete currently selected sample.

On the main screen tap the large empty rectangle. This will take you to the selection view of the sample library. Tap on a sample to select it and go back to the main view. Repeat as needed to add more samples to the arena.


To form a sequence, draw a line from one sample to another to form a link. When you press play, the chain will start playing from the first node added and randomly traverse the chain from there. 

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